Building a Team

the Human Side of IT Support Services

Our history includes a focus on building lasting relationships with our clients and developing a unique understanding of the IT infrastructure that building design software requires. Our leadership team has extensive experience in the building design industry and through the years, initial.IT has grown a team of professionals that help customers solve complex problems while maintaining these relationships. We hope the future of our company’s growth includes a valuable partnership with your firm.


Jack Smith, MCP is the owner at initial.IT, leading the full service IT staff that services the building design industry around the Rocky Mountain Region. His technical background began in engineering as a Mechanical & Plumbing designer for local Denver firms. Jack’s engineering capabilities also helped him intuitively design efficient IT infrastructures that supported the design teams at each of the firms. Focusing on IT became an apparent passion and lead him to a career transition as an IT consultant for the building design industry. A Denver native, Jack enjoys cycling, golfing, and relaxing at Grand Lake with his wife of 24 years and their two daughters.
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Facts About our Team

Anonymity in front of the camera is a common theme among many of them, but as you get to know each one of the team members, you’ll see their individuality too!

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