Building Relationships.
A Career For Humans in
the IT Industry.

We are actively looking for the right talent to complement our staff of professionals. Should you be interested please read on: will provide you with many opportunities that will challenge your skill set (both technical and business) on a daily basis. No more sitting in one spot, behind the same desk, doing the same task over and over. You will travel the greater Denver Metro area in search of that noisy network that is begging for your attention and expertise. Once you have located this noisy network, you will work diligently to quiet it down, extinguish the fires and develop a prosperous working relationship with the network users.

In order to accomplish this task every day you will need to rely on your unique ability to troubleshoot quickly and effectively, listen to what is not being said and identify potential hot spots. Should you come across something that is beyond your abilities, you will have a support system to rely on, since you will always be part of the team that works well together and covers each other’s backs in order to succeed as a team.

Whether you see a job posted here, or you are just plain interested in joining the team at initial.IT, let us know! We will take a look at your resume and contact you if a position taps into your talents.

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