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Initial IT will celebrate its 20th anniversary on August 1. The company founded by Jack Smith and two other co-founders is commemorating 20 years of offering great IT Networking in Denver. Technology has grown exponentially in the years the company has existed, and so has the company. Read on to learn how the 20-year journey has been for Initial IT. In a recent interview, Jack Smith revealed they founded Initial IT after leaving his engineering career to concentrate on IT. According to him, IT was new and big. He was motivated to shift to IT since he saw a potential for growth in the industry that was quickly establishing itself. While working at a Managed Services Provider (MSP) firm, Jack Smith was one of the engineers maintaining a client’s technology. The client was impacted by the 9/11 events and had to downsize. He retained the MSP Company Jack was working for, and Jack was put in charge of IT even though he had no experience. This new role exposed him to IT, and that’s how his passion for IT was born.

The Start Of A Great IT Networking Firm In Denver

When the company owner decided to sell it, Jack joined hands with two other people to buy it. That was how Initial IT was incorporated to grow to what it is today. When Jack was getting into IT, most of the technology at that time is now obsolete. He recalls how hard it was to remember to use the Wizards. The predominant external memory at the time was floppy discs that one would stack in their hundreds, each holding a little data. They had limited capacity, so you needed several to store substantial data. In those days, companies had one email address with a dedicated employee to open the mails, print them, and distribute them to their owners. At the time, most businesses were skeptical about having their small business servers as it was viewed as risking everything on one endeavor. Jack and his partners became grounded in IT fast as they had interacted a lot with the technology that was principally in use at the time, including Adobe and Autodesk. They had used these technologies and understood what they could achieve for a business. If they experienced technology hitches, they employed reverse engineering. This involved using the elimination method until they identified the cause of an IT problem. After 10 years, one partner left to pursue other interests. Jack operated the company with his partner, dealing with IT services and hardware sales. However, in 2016, they split the company, with Jack inheriting the IT functions while his partner took the hardware sales business. Their deep knowledge of the software and the hardware used to design the systems and technologies of the day gave them an upper hand. Several individual IT experts were offering IT services. However, most of them had book knowledge of the IT systems and technology but lacked the hands-on experience that Jack and his partner had. Jack and his partners had a wide knowledge of the industry, hardware, and software in use. This knowledge and experience, coupled with aggressive marketing propelled Initial IT to where it is today. The company can dig deeper into software and hardware to determine if it can achieve what a client needs, and this has been one of its strengths from inception. If they identify gaps in technology a client is using or procuring, they recommend what can meet clients’ needs.

Why Clients Love Working With This Denver IT Networking Company

Initial IT is obligated to offer top-tier services to retain its reputation. They also ensure their clients get only the best services and IT solutions. Initial IT is end-user-centered. Before implementing any solutions, they consult widely with clients. They dig deep into the IT solutions together to determine if it suits the clients’ needs. Even when clients bring software seeking the company IT experts opinion, they take it and discuss it at length to help the client understand what it can achieve or not achieve for them. Word of mouth marketing is significant for MSPs. Satisfied clients readily refer other clients, but if a company has a dented reputation, word spreads, and it becomes challenging to sign up new clients. Most clients belong to end-user groups where they share their experiences with MSPs and the technology they use. Initial IT reaps from these discussions since most end-users view them as industry leaders and experts in IT. This brings in substantial leads for the company. It is also perfect for the company as it pushes them to connect with clients more closely and offer unmatched services. Initial IT has a strong reputation as a leader in the IT industry since the clients understand the professional background of the company founders. They have seen how the company has offered high-quality services consistently.

Your Denver IT Networking Team Works With Local Nonprofits and Charities

Jack Smith and Initial IT are involved in local charity events. According to Jack, his daughter, who began getting involved in local and international charity events at a young age, inspired him. When he looked back at what he had achieved and the kind of company Initial IT had grown into, Jack Smith resolved he would ensure someone else benefited from his efforts and achievements. His first charity event was in a local riders’ event in 2016. He later identified two non-profit organizations that he still supports. He helps to fundraise for them from his clients, employees, and his resources. According to him, local start-up charity organizations need more support than national or international organizations that receive a lot of funding. Jack was quick to point out that he does not get involved in charity to benefit his business. He uses his connections with large organizations like Dell to source donations for small organizations that the big companies would not necessarily consider in their CSR strategies.

Choose initial.IT As Your Denver IT Networking Company

When asked about the future of MSPs, he stated that MSPs will always have a role to play. Technology will continue to develop and out-pace your ability to use it. You will always need an expert to guide you through the latest technology to help you get the best out of it. Jack Smith advises IT networking experts in Denver to understand that technology is intertwined with humans. Whatever they do, he advises them to think about how their actions affect other people. Are you looking for a responsive and reliable Denver IT Company? Contact Initial IT to experience the human side of IT. Call us today to schedule a free consultation.