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Why We Are Human-centric

We believe that technology exists to enhance our lives and to allow us to convey our designs and imagination to the world. We believe that this can only happen if technology and human existence are in a continual state of balance. Maintaining this balance requires an equal focus on both the human side of technology and the role that we allow technology to play in our everyday lives. We strive to maintain a culture of mutual respect, freedom, and positivity. We are relationship-based and always find a way to give of ourselves in our daily actions and words.

Meet Our Team


See what James has to say about working at initial.IT
"Initial.IT is an awesome place to work. Each day is an adventure; as learn throughout the day, I am supported fully by my coworkers. At times, we are the missing puzzle piece that our customers need to figure out their issues and have successful workdays; this is very rewarding. I am nothing but excited and optimistic about working for this company for years to come."
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See what James has to say about working at initial.IT
"Working at initial.IT provides the chance for a great work/life balance and freedom of schedule."


See what Duc has to say about working at initial.IT
"As a member of the Initial.IT team I have enjoyed providing technical services with a different approach. Management emphasizes on both respectful employees and customers. An enjoyable work place with valued clients allows for team members to provide high level technical skills."


See what Ben has to say about working at initial.IT
“So many things I can say about what I like about working for initial.IT but it all really comes down to three things: 1. Management/owner interest in the employee’s as people; 2. Management/owner pushing us to better ourselves; 3. Focus on face to face interaction with clients and customer service.”


See what Jeremy has to say about working at initial.IT
"The team at Initial IT is super supportive and everyone is always willing to help out. My experience here has been a non-stop learning adventure. I love working with everyone to assist and interact with our customers. The environment pushes me to be a better person and to improve my skills as a technician."


See what Jack has to say about working at initial.IT
"Initial. It has always been an open and free flowing environment. Where people are encouraged to think outside the norm and are only limited by their own imaginations and perceived limitations. "


See what Dave has to say about working at initial.IT
"The culture at Initial.IT is built upon mutual respect for and collaboration with each other, and providing the best solutions and support for our clients unique environments. I enjoy working at Initial.IT because they value their employees as a part of a family and not just cogs in a machine there to get work done. Everybody’s input is valued whether you just started there or have been with the company for years."


See what Katie has to say about working at initial.IT
"I have thoroughly enjoyed putting roots down at Initial.IT. I am surrounded by a group of unique, collaborative, supportive people who help each other move out of their comfort zones and lock arms to move forward to a common goal. Initial.IT is a place where growth and improvement is talked about regularly, encouraged, and client focus is always at the forefront of our minds.


See what Eric has to say about working at initial.IT
"Initial.IT presents great moments to tackle new challenges and building relationships with the team. I love working with this team for they are very supportive, teaching me new skills and ways on how to approach a solution for different problems. It is a perfect environment to learn and grow as an IT technician, as well as bonding with my team and customers."


See what Dave has to say about working at initial.IT
“Working at Initial.IT has been awesome, love the open and caring team here at the office. Everyone has been supportive and collaborative and I have enjoyed working with the team while absorbing all the technical knowledge.”


See what Chris has to say about working at initial.IT
"Becoming a member of the Initial IT team has been a fantastic experience. A place where I’m able to pursue my passion alongside seasoned professionals who inspire me to develop and refine my skills. The collaborative atmosphere fosters growth, allowing me to thrive professionally while making a tangible difference in our clients' experiences. "

Customer Testimonials

“Like most small business owners, I thought we could save money by doing our own IT. After 10 years of struggling, we hired initial.IT, and quickly realized that it was much more efficient to outsource. initial.IT has saved us valuable time, increased our efficiency, made our systems more robust, and given me peace of mind. I strongly recommend initial.IT.”
- Deb B., Denver, CO
“We have been working with initial.IT for many years. They have always had our best practices in mind and have helped to bring us up to speed on the tech side of our business. They are quick to trouble shoot and/or offer solutions when issues arise and they can often solve problems over the phone by easily communicating instructions. They are very friendly and great to work with!”
- Eric M., Denver, CO

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