We know that one of the most effective ways of proving our dedication to enhancing the world around us is to partner with organizations that are making true strides towards equality as well as the health and welfare of individuals and pets in our region.


Organizations Initial.IT Proudly Supports the Family Tree and Food Bank of the Rockies

We know that one of the most effective ways of proving our dedication to enhancing the world around us is to partner with organizations that are making true strides towards equality as well as the health and welfare of individuals and pets in our region. Instead of looking for all the available opportunities to make a difference and scattering our efforts, the Initial.IT team has decided to focus on a chosen few partnerships that we feel will have a massive benefit to our community.

We welcome you to actively get involved with these nonprofits and help amplify our efforts. Be a part of the conversation — sharing your stories of compassion and love throughout the year.


Colorado Association of Black Professional Engineers and Scientists

CAPES’ mission is to encourage and assist African-Americans and other underrepresented minority youth in the pursuit and attainment of career choices in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics professions.

Colorado Village Collaborative

Helping bridge the gap between the streets and stable housing, the Colorado Village Collaborative helps bring together partners to provide sustainable and empowering options for housing for individuals and families that are experiencing homelessness. Each month, our team comes together to provide support for this worthy local collaboration.

Colorado Pet Pantry

Our furry friends are an incredibly important part of our day, and the Initial. IT team wants to give back! The Colorado Pet Pantry provides opportunities for our team to provide nourishing meals and active food banks for pets in need. The ultimate goal is to help families in short-term need of assistance, so they are able to maintain their pets at home instead of having to send them to a –

Meghan’s Wish

The Initial.IT team have long been passionate supporters of Meghan’s Wish, a local nonprofit foundation that helps support children that have recently been placed in foster homes. These children often have limited
personal goods such as toiletries, clothes and toys. With the support of donors throughout the area, Megan’s Wish Foundation provides emergency packs to help children get through the critical first 24 hours in
their new foster placements.

Sustainability Recycling

The importance of recycling and sustainability is impossible to overstate, particularly in the technology space. As millions of devices are discarded every year, the batteries that are included can cause irreparable damage to the environment. Our team is passionate about supporting Sustainability Recycling as a way to compost natural materials, recycle commercial and electric goods — and even hard-to-recycle larger items.

The Movement for Humane Technology

Companies around the world are profiting on the depression, addiction and confusion of humans. As an effort to radically reimagine the digital infrastructure of the future, the Center for Humane Technology seeks to raise awareness of the ways that technology is being used to manipulate choices, destabilize real-world communities and break down truth.

As a technology company that believes in supporting local communities, Initial.IT knows that there is a better way.

Watch the trailer for The Social Dilemma to learn more about this important initiative and how you can get involved.


Covered Colorado

Covered is a local 501(c)3 nonprofit assisting sex trafficking survivors over the age of 18. Covered’s vision is to see survivors of sex trafficking and exploitation recover from the abuse and trauma of trafficking. Our goal is also to bring awareness of trafficking in the Denver Metro Area and work with local law enforcement, the court system, and task forces to eradicate sex trafficking in Colorado. Our program is trauma informed, survivor informed, using evidence-based practices to empower survivors toward healing and self-sufficiency.

The Delores Project

The Delores Project partners with individuals experiencing barriers to housing to identify their path to stability. By providing shelter, housing, and supportive services, The Delores Project works alongside individuals as they overcome barriers and challenges. In addition, The Delores Project community collaborates with other community leaders to ensure those who have experienced barriers to housing are represented on issues of public policy and community development.

Learn more about our programsimpact and work to end homelessness:

Karlis Family Center

Family Tree is a non-profit human services agency providing innovative, life-changing services designed to end child abuse, domestic violence and homelessness.

Rooted in the metro Denver community since 1976, Family Tree recognizes the intersection among child abuse, domestic violence, and homelessness. And, based on their extensive expertise, they are working to change how individuals, families, and communities see, respond to, and overcome these challenges.

To learn more about the amazing work done by this organization, visit their website:

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