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What is your EQ? How aware are you of the problems that different societies and communities face on a day to day basis? Have you thought about how to help all throughout the year and to truly make a difference in a strangers life? This is an important part of who we are at Initial.IT. We feel it is important to contribute to another person’s wellbeing and to gain an understanding of their struggles, their hopes and abilities.  If we can help someone get off the streets or get access to the services they need or just help them to want to get out of bed and face their day, then everything we do has a higher purpose and if we can truly begin to feel empathy, then this will have a profound impact on our lives as well. The people we help, actually end up helping us in a way that is remarkable. Every year Initial.IT focuses on 4 causes that we feel we can help to make a difference.

Below are our causes, our “why” we do what we do. 

Our Causes

Project Restart

This is a community business collaborative, with multiple faith based organizations involved, as well as extensive partnerships with the education / training and business community. This model is designed to help bring people to self-sufficiency – one that co-locates all 3 needed services within the same complex: housing, mental health and employment.  A supportive village type model that includes all 3 services and a group meal plan. We’re even adding additional services, such as women’s medical care.

 We have partnered with Project Restart to deliver Technology to the program for both the administrative side and the residents. We leveraged our relationship with DELL, Sonic Wall and Broad voice to deliver all the required technology so that the residents can gain access to job boards, resume services and many other technology based services that the average person takes for granted.

Meghan's Wish

Providing basic necessities to children in foster homes and supporting the families that care for them​.

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We support their efforts by contributing to the program financially but more importantly, we volunteer our time by hosting a packing party at our office for our staff and their families to pack all the needed bags for the foster children.

Sustainability Recycling

An electronics recycling company supporting people from all different backgrounds and walks of life.

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We believe we have a responsibility to properly dispose of outdated technology. We use this service exclusively for all of our clients and should you need to recycle electronics and want to go directly to them, we ask that you make a monetary donation to them and we will match that donation, dollar for dollar.

The Delores Project

Providing safe shelter for women and transgender individuals experiencing homelessness​.

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We support their efforts by contributing to the program financially but more importantly, we volunteer our time to plan, shop, prepare and serve a hot dinner to the residents.  

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