Packing up Some Happiness for Children in Foster Care

Looking for opportunities to make the lives of our neighbors and community members easier is a driving motivation for our team. That’s why we were so happy to participate in what will be our first of many “bag packing” events in conjunction with Meghan’s Wish Foundation.  Meghan’s Wish Foundation was established to create positive and supportive connections with children entering the Colorado foster care system. The ultimate goal of the organization is to supply every new foster child (aged 0-18) with an emergency tote bag of essentials, including gently used clothing, toys, and books as well as fresh toiletries and a card of encouragement from supportive community members.  Meghan’s Wish Foundation is founded on the belief that every child matters and should be embraced by their communities, especially when experiencing the stress and heartbreak associated with transitioning to foster care. Meghan’s Wish Foundation partners with local individuals, organizations, and businesses to bring a smile to the faces of these children and give them a break from the stress brought on from leaving home and entering foster care. 

Initial.IT & Meghan’s Wish: A Partnership for the Long Haul

When our team heard about the Meghan’s Wish mission, we were immediately eager to get involved. The thought of children having to navigate an entirely new reality and work to make themselves comfortable in a new home really spoke to us. We support the amazing work of Colorado social service providers and foster families, so we thought we could play our part by making this difficult transition a little easier for every child.  We got our team together and really tapped into the spirit of generosity and support. We collected donations of gently used clothes, books, toys, and new toiletries items. Then, we spent a day working together as a team. We packed over 40 bags to be distributed to children as they are being moved from the home they know to a foster home.  The great thing about the Meghan’s Wish initiative is that these emergency tote bags are set up to support the child through their first 24-hours in foster care while they wait to be placed in a temporary home or returned back to their own home. This is important because it reminds children that they are not alone. In what might seem like a very scary and isolating time, they receive a small token of love and support and are reassured that they have an entire village behind them. 

Want to Help Meghan’s Wish Foundation? Here’s How

The folks at Meghan’s Wish Foundation do incredible work that the entire state of Colorado should be proud of. However, the organization runs entirely on donations and volunteer efforts, meaning they rely on active and continuous community support to continue their incredibly important mission.  If you’d like to help, there are a few ways to get involved: 
  • Donate supplies for the children’s transition emergency kits 
  • Help the Meghan’s Wish team pack the emergency kits
  • Host a packing party with your friends or family
  • Write notes of encouragement to the children receiving these emergency kits
To get involved, visit, call (720) 937-4607, or send an email to

Why Giving Back is a Central Part of the Initial.IT Mission

Partnering with organizations like Meghan’s Wish Foundation to give back and offer proactive community support is truly part of the core mission for Initial.IT. Our team knows the value of being eager and supportive team players in our community, and it’s a commitment we take very seriously.  If your organization is looking for support or volunteers, the Initial.IT team is always looking for ways to give back. Whether you need some extra bodies at an event or help spreading the word about your cause, we’re always on stand-by. Let’s never forget that we’re better together.  Reach out to our team anytime at (303) 893-4350 or