A Complete Guide to Microsoft Azure Consulting in Denver

Cloud computing applications have evolved rapidly, causing disruptions across all industries in the US.  In an era when remote work has become the norm, jobs that used to require engineers to sit in the office can now be carried out remotely. The applications allow seamless collaboration and file sharing between design, engineering, and production. Cloud services give small businesses access to computing power that was previously only available for bigger firms. Cloud services give more options to businesses, allowing them to design or scale hardware and software according to their current needs. Many cloud platforms offer a variety of tools and support features for all industries. Local businesses that are unsure of where to start can opt for Microsoft Azure consulting in Denver.

What is Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft Azure is a platform offering more than 200 cloud-based resources to manage enterprise services and applications. It can be used for data storage, virtual computing, analytics, networking, application development, and more. Users can pick from these services to support their business functions or develop new ones to improve their operations.

How Does it Work?

It costs a lot to build the hardware infrastructure needed to run an enterprise. With different items on your shopping like servers, storage disks, and switches, you may blow your budget and still fail to address your computing and storage needs. Microsoft Azure offers an easy option with an out-of-box infrastructure that you can plug into and pay for only what you use. A massive amount of resources went to developing the Azure network. It includes more than 40 data centers spread across the world to support serverless computing and storage. There are three categories of solutions on the platform; Software as a Service (SaaS), Infrastructure as a Service, and Platform as a Service.

How to Choose Azure Services

Here are the options you will get when signing up for Microsoft Azure consulting in Denver: Software as a service (SaaS) With software as a service, your team accesses software applications from the cloud. Computing power declines more features are added to make them do complex tasks. Such changes will mean that you might have to keep on upgrading your equipment unless you switch to cloud-hosted solutions. Azure will manage all the infrastructure bits, yet you will only pay for the time spent on the software. Platform as a Service (PaaS) PaaS is your best option when you want more freedom to manage your applications and databases. For instance, Open Source on Azure allows you to develop and deploy your applications on the network, trimming development time and costs. It helps you accelerate development operations, and it’s the ideal platform for managing sensitive data. Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Running a data center is a hands-on job requiring constant hardware maintenance, while you’re also worried about network and software issues. With IaaS, you can take the network and hardware concerns off-premises. Being left with monitoring and patching responsibilities gives you more freedom to concentrate on your core business.

Who Else Uses Microsoft Azure Consulting In Denver?

Any business can migrate to the Azure network. At initial.IT, we’re partnering with companies in the engineering, construction, architecture, and health industries, to provide cost-saving managed cloud services.

Benefits of Using Microsoft Azure Services

Microsoft Azure is ahead of its competitors, because of the many benefits enjoyed by users. Here are some of the potential business gains you could get from the service:
  • Flexibility – Azure is designed with all businesses in mind. Regardless of size, companies can sign up for services and only pay for what they use. There’s more freedom of moving between tiers to optimize resource utilization. For example, you could add your compute or storage size to accommodate your growing workforce. You can also drop services if you don’t need them anymore.
  • Security – Microsoft Azure leads the way when it comes to protecting your data. Microsoft integrates different security controls to protect the hardware and software on its network. Extra features like Microsoft Defender for Cloud help you understand your current security situation and strategize on improvements. Strong password policies and multifactor authentication shield the system and its end users from password attacks.
  • Disaster recovery – Microsoft Azure has several built-in redundancies for quick recovery from downtimes when the inevitable happens. The developers understood the financial pain that data loss would inflict on the business and included effective backup and restoration features. If you want a suitable recovery plan from Microsoft Azure consulting in Denver, speak to initial.IT for help.
  • Speed – Using machine learning technology, Microsoft Azure analyzes usage patterns and delivers helpful recommendations to help your team find services and applications fast. It has many plug-and-play features to help you scale or deploy with a click. Even with custom options, they already have pre-built templates and guides to speed you up in production.
  • Customizable solutions – Because every business is unique, the open-source nature of Azure means that you can custom-fit applications to meet your specific needs. The platform supports multiple programming languages, like Javascript and Python, helping developers to make custom tools in a more secure and highly scalable environment.
  • Cost-effective – With Microsoft Azure, you can do away with a straining IT budget. Pay-as-you-go is the future in IT, as you only pay for services when you need and use them. Instead of buying a new drive when you need extra storage, for example, you can pay for extra space on your subscription.

Where to Find Microsoft Azure Consulting in Denver

Like every other computing technology, Microsoft Azure undergoes rapid changes to meet the ever-changing demands of businesses. It makes it hard for non-IT professionals to keep up with the applications and feature updates. If you would rather have fewer to-do items and focus more on what delivers value to the business, your best option is to outsource. As an authorized partner, initial.IT offers an exceptional experience for Microsoft Azure consulting in Denver, CO.  We provide out-of-the-box computing solutions to businesses looking to exploit IT applications to expand their services and improve operations. Contact us today to discover how our team can help your business succeed with IT.