June 20, 2022

Initial. IT Supports Housed, Working & Healthy

The Initial.IT team understands how important it is to help out those that are in need around the world and our local community. We’re fortunate to have the success that we have, but that’s not the case for everyone. That’s why, where, and when we can, we give to those that need our help.

We’re proud to have recently delivered the first three of ten computers that were donated through our partnership with DELL to Housed, Working & Healthy, a local community business collective. Installed in the kitchen, these computers will be vital tools for young chefs-in-training. Working in the kitchen, these chefs will prepare meals for a range of other local organizations.

Housed, Working & Healthy promotes self-sufficiency by providing shelter, employment, and mental health services to those in need. They work with non-profits, agencies, faith-based organizations, companies, foundations, and the government to make our community better.

The Initial.IT team is proud to work with an organization like Housed, Working & Healthy, and we’re looking forward to our next chance to give back to the community.

Click here to learn more about Housed, Working & Healthy.

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