Initial.IT Donates Turkeys To Denver Rescue Mission’s Thanksgiving Turkey Toss

The Initial.IT team is proud to support those in need this Thanksgiving by working with local organizations like the Denver Rescue Mission.

The Initial.IT team understands how important it is to help out those that are in need around the world and in our local community. We’re fortunate to have the success that we have, but that’s not the case for everyone.

That’s why, where and when we can, we give to those that need our help. We’re proud to volunteer our resources to organizations that help less fortunate members of our community — organizations like the Denver Rescue Mission.

Denver Rescue Mission has been working to support vulnerable members of our community for more than 128 years. Operating in multiple locations throughout Denver, they assist people experiencing homelessness and addiction with the help of emergency services, rehabilitation, transitional programs, and community outreach.

Their annual Turkey Toss drive has a goal of giving out 15,000 turkeys to families celebrating Thanksgiving across Colorado. The Initial.IT team was proud to participate, delivering a few turkeys of our own for the drive.

From community involvement to charitable contributions and event sponsorships, the Initial.IT team strives to make a positive impact on the world around us. Working closely with technology day in and day out serves as a great reminder of just how connected the world is today.